Dutch A2 (beginners)


This course is a follow up to the Basic Dutch Course. All the basic language skills will be dealt with: speaking, listening, writing and reading. During the course you will acquire basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary. Texts and topics of conversation will be centered around everyday situations, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the use of the Dutch language.
At the end of the course the student will be able to hold simple daily conversations in Dutch about topics like daily life in Leeuwarden, the weather, food, health, sports, ask for directions, etc.
The end level will be CEFR level A2.
For whom
The course is for participants with a basic knowledge of Dutch (A1 level):
• Who have passed the Basic Dutch Course at Stenden.
• Students who did not take the Basic Dutch Course are invited for an interview to check if the level meets the requirement of A1.
Final level
Mrs. Hetty Sommer
Study load
56 hours/9 weeks, 1,5 hour, twice a week; If your institute approves obtaining Elective Credits/Activities (2 EC) for the course, the Language Centre will sign the document delivered by the student. You need to be present for at least 80% of the classes (and show active participation) and pass the tests.