Dutch A1 (beginners)

Course Basic Dutch for German Speaking students

Dutch is the mother tongue of millions of people in the Netherlands, Belgium and many inhabitants of former Dutch colonies such as Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles. People have been migrating to the Netherlands for centuries and over the years the Netherlands has become a multi-cultural society. Learning Dutch is not essential to survive in this country since a large part of the population either speaks or understands English; however, learning the basics might come in handy and the Dutch people will certainly appreciate it if you are able to hold a simple conversation in their language.
We have separated the German speaking students from other nationalities at the Dutch course. German speaking students can learn the Dutch language quicker because German grammar, pronunciation and idioms are quite similar to the Dutch language.
Dutch is the lingua franca; English is only used for clarification and explanation purposes.


At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand simple daily conversations in Dutch. The student will have a good passive understanding of the Dutch language. The end level will be approximately CEFR level A2 (Speaking / listening / reading) – A1writing

For whom

German Speaking students.

Final level

Approximately a CEFR level A2 for Speaking / listening / reading –
A1 (or higher) for writing


Mrs. Hetty Sommer

Study load

Studyload is 56 hours: 9 weeks, 1.5 hours twice a week (homework +/- 2.5 / 3 hours);
If your institute has given permission to take this course for EC’s, it will be awarded with 2 ECs.
You need to be present for at least 80% of the classes, - show active participation and pass the final test in order to get a certificate of participation.


Monday and Wednesday evening
After applying you will get a final schedule.

Start 2022/2023

Module 3: Monday 30 January 2023
Module 4: Monday 17 April 2023


€ 275,-: Course € 250,- and € 25,- course material
We can offer the course for FREE (except for the book) for the following students
• Exchange students (from “NHL Stenden”)
• IBC / Grand Tour student

This is because we have a financial agreement with some departments of NHL Stenden or external partners.

NHL students can sign in to Dutch course offered the Learning Centre (this is only until December 2018). After December there will be one Dutch course for NHL Stenden Students


After application you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. One week before the start of the course you will receive a schedule. No refunds are given in cases where participation is cancelled on, or after the date on which the course starts. Attend the course means you commit yourself to paying the full cost for the course. You will receive an invoice for the course and course material.

Course material

The book used for this course is titled “Start.nl - Dutch for Beginners”. This book has an access code to an exercise website. This code can only be used by one person. It is therefore not possible to use second-hand books.


NHL Stenden Leeuwarden
Language Centre

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