Diversity IcebreakerĀ® - de basis voor succesvolle DBE-projecten


Diversity Icebreaker® – the foundation to successful DBE projects
DBE as a student-centered style of education implies group work and the flexibility to work with people with diverse perspectives and styles of communication.
This means students working together to see the successful termination of a project in the shape of a product which answers the needs of many stakeholders. Projects can be slowed down or unsuccessful when cooperation has not been as smooth as it should be.
This can be caused by a variety of elements such as misunderstanding, miscommunication, cultural differences, working styles, learning styles, teaching styles, misinterpretation and the list goes on… Research says that knowledge and experience of each other is crucial to reducing the chances of failure due to these elements (Deardorff, 2006; Hofstede, 2001; Storti, 1998).

This is where the Diversity Icebreaker® tool excels. Built upon a questionnaire it helps participants become aware of their own preferences in styles and those of others thus understanding how to better work together.
This is not just a cross cultural tool; it goes beyond nationalities, and looks at participants as individuals.
The second most important element of this tool is the simplicity and user friendliness of it. The activities are totally participant-centered and designed to create a non-judgmental atmosphere through personal sharing and humourous, interpersonal interactions. Its strength lies in participants themselves coming up with the answers rather than the trainer telling them the answers.

For this reason it is the ideal tool to underpin DBE because it facilitates good team work by developing a shared understanding of how to make the best use of the diversity of a group. The workshop is initially a 3 hour slot, but can be extended to give advice on how to apply DI not only to DBE but also in staff teams.

Here is a short film to show you how it works.