Chinese for beginners

Practical information


At the end of the course, participants should be able to engage in simple conversations, such as introducing one another, talking about family, friends, food, sports, hobbies, etc.…

For whom

The course is intended for anyone who would like to speak and understand Mandarin Chinese at a basic level.

Final level

CEFR Level A1 


Mrs. Lu Hannema - Bai, native speaker in Chinese.

Study load

9 X 3 hours per week. Your homework will be about 3 hours per week.

For students: If your institute approves obtaining Elective Credits/Activities for the course, the Language Centre will sign the document delivered by the student. You need to be present for at least 80% of the classes (and show active participation) and pass the tests.

For employees and external participants: The course ends with a written and oral test. If you pass this test you will receive a Certificate of CEFR A1 level.


Start april 18
A 9 week course with classes twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday from 17.30 - 19.00

The course starts if there are enough participants (min. 10 max 18)


Course € 330-, - + course material (see below): € 40 or € 20 if you have an IPad

We can offer the course for FREE (except for the course material) to the following students

Global Responsibility & Leadership of RUG / University Campus Fryslan

This is because we have a financial agreement on this.


After completing the application you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. One week before the start of the course you will receive a schedule. Once you start the course no refunds are given . Attending the course means you commit yourself to paying the full cost for the course. Once you have completed the application you will receive an email on how to pay the invoice.


Course material

The books used for this course are:

·         Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication 1 Textbook (ISBN 978-7-5619-1479-3) – about € 20,-

·         Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication 1 Workbook(ISBN 978-7-5619-1622-3) - about € 20,-

PS. If you have an IPad, you can choose to purchase an APP named Great Wall Chinese 1, see the App icon   (about € 20,- so this might save money if you have an Ipad / Iphone)                                                                                                                                     

You need either these two books (textbook and workbook) OR the App for the course, not both.


Please order your course material yourselves before the course starts.


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Language Centre