English – Three-hour immersion course for 2 colleagues



• Delivered online by L1 English speakers from the Language Centre
• Improvement of speaking and writing in English. Each Immersion is tailored to the participants’ level and needs (discussed during a short intake conversation)
• Speaking about work-related subjects (giving lectures and seminars, meetings with colleagues, conversations with students, contact with suppliers …)
• Writing articles, emails, reports, presentations...

What is it?
Three continuous hours of online English including writing tasks and feedback, discussion and role-play with coaching

For whom?
All NHL Stenden colleagues who cannot commit to a two-day intensive course and who wish or need to improve their English speaking and writing skills
Participant pairs are matched by similar English ability. The pre-Immersion intake conversation will give an indication of the participants’ levels.
Colleagues with differing English levels may also choose to do the immersion together, following an intake conversation and advice from the coaches.

To help colleagues (and the organisation) improve the quality of English presented within and outside the organisation
To give reassurance to colleagues who doubt their English ability
To give diagnostic advice on areas for improvement and how this can be facilitated
Practical information
• The three hours immersion is online. Participants, in pairs, work with a teacher via Teams.
• Participants will be given timed writing tasks which they will complete and then come back together for correction, feedback and coaching
• Speaking will be practiced by theme-based conversations between the participants and simultaneous coaching will be given
• There will be planned short breaks

To be agreed upon with the people involved (3 hours at a mutually convenient time)
Cost: 287,50 p.p. These cost will be paid from the budget of MyAcademy / HRM

Interested? Please contact: languagecentre@nhlstenden.com