Dutch Language Coaching

Practical information

In concrete terms, Dutch Language Coaching consists of a package of 25 hours in total, which is completed with an L1 Dutch speaker.

During the intake and enrolment process, a plan of approach is drawn up together with the teacher. A lesson plan is then drawn up in mutual consultation.

Because this is a customized process, dates will be determined in mutual consultation.
For more information, please contact languagecentre@nhlstenden.com


€ 2800,-

Training offer NHL Stenden employees
This course is funded from the MyAcademy budget for employees of NHL Stenden.

aanvang cursus: 01-09-2021
einde cursus: 01-12-2022

status: open

inschrijven vanaf: 05-07-2021
inschrijven t/m: 01-07-2023

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