Dutch Language Coaching


During the tailor-made course, personal guidance (one-to-one) is given in the field of Dutch language skills. This includes a wide range of applicability, such as:

• Communication with colleagues and/or students
• Writing emails in Dutch
• Telephone skills in the Dutch language
• Meetings in Dutch
• Presentations in Dutch
• Participating in (tutor / DBE) lessons in the Dutch language
• Negotiating in Dutch
• Drawing up lists of language/terminology used within your own work environment
• Other work related and language specific questions

For whom?
Employees who need support in a specific area within their position in the field of Dutch.


Broadening Dutch language skills in a specific area where support is needed.

aanvang cursus: 01-09-2021
einde cursus: 01-12-2022

status: open

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inschrijven t/m: 01-07-2023

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