If you are serious about your filmmaking, this course can provide the basics to improve your storytelling skills. In this course you will learn the essence of making (fiction) films including production, funding, writing, directing and cinematography. With the support of proven experts in the field of filmmaking, you will experience new ways of making films. These days, it’s easy to grab a (mobile) device and to capture footage of everything you want. But when it comes to a professional approach, what you need to process and handle a complete film production depends on what kind of story you want to tell. This course will offer you a broad selection of skills, knowledge and training about everything you need to know to take a big step forward in filmmaking; guided by professionals who will help you out, unveiling the secrets of indie (independent) cinema. You will also have the chance to learn non-fiction from acclaimed European masters in film. Enjoy this course in an international environment, with our centre of activities right in the middle of the beautiful city of Leeuwarden.

Learning Goals:
What makes a great story? We start from scratch, taking it step by step in order to learn more about the concept and the art of filmmaking. From writing to producing, directing, editing and distribution. You don’t need to be an expert in order to learn how a story is told. With the proper tools and guidelines, you will end up with a story, created by you. It’s not about an entire feature film, it’s about the small steps that you can take. Get inspired and motivated by experienced international filmmakers and their passion for film.

Whether you’re trying to tell an important story that reflects your personal experiences, or wanting to make a comedy, action film, documentary or music video, all that matters is to provide it with your own signature. As a filmmaker you want to create something original or something that reflects your interests and ideas. Something that will make your audience cry, laugh, be thrilled, to feel good or to make a deep impression. We need to analyse films by the great masters of cinema to appreciate where modern movies come from. But when you understand the rules of cinema and give them your own twist, then something will appear that you have created yourself. Write something original. Tell a story. Engage your audience.

Main themes:

- Writing
- Producing
- Directing
- Cinematography